We encourage you to use the resources below to explore what these four scenarios might mean for your organization or foundation and how you can prepare for various possible futures. 

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SWOT Analysis

Each scenario requires a “SWOT” analysis, in which we analyze what Strengths (S) and Weaknesses (W) we have in responding to this scenario, as well as what Opportunities (O) and Threats each scenario poses for our work.

Considerations for Each Scenario

Suggested issues to consider as you think about how your organization might fare in, and what it might bring to, each scenario.

Programs and Activities

Each scenario will require us to adapt our organization’s programming and activities in response. What programs or services will we add, upgrade, discontinue or continue in each scenario?

How the Scenarios Affect…

How will each scenario affect the many stakeholders and others that you and your organization interact with?

Questions without Easy Answers

Some important questions to ask as you review each scenario and how it might impact your organization.

Impact in New Ideas/Plans

What might each scenario mean for the potential programming or projects your organization has been wanting to do in the future?